5 things to do to have fun in the backyard

Ideas for a creative play

Outdoor games and activities are a superb learning experience for your kids. it is important to wean away children from the glow of gadget screens and make them aware that there is a whole new wondrous world waiting for them. In today’s era where excessive use of technology is the order of the day, it becomes all the more important for children to discover the joys of the wind in their hair, and mud and grass under their feet. If your house has a large backyard, the world is your oyster!

So now the next time your kids say “Mom, I’m bored!”, you know what to do. These don’t cost much, are easy, and all guarantee a lot of fun for your kids. And you can join in as well – it’s a great bonding opportunity!

  • Lawn Twister

    We all know the game played on a mat with colored circles. Well, now it’s time to take the fun outdoors, and build your own giant Twister board. All you need are four cans of spray paint and an open space in your backyard! Simply spray on circles with the paint directly onto the ground like a Twister board – voila! Your board is ready! Spray off with a water-hose when done. A variation on this is hopscotch – draw a hopscotch board on the ground with either chalk or paint – and watch your kids be engaged for hours together.

  • Kiddie wade pool

    Mercury rising? We have just the remedy for it, a super-sized inflatable kids’ tub. The bigger, the better. On a particularly hot day, fill it with water, throw in some bath-time toys like rubber ducks, and you have a makeshift wade pool for your kids. You can also whip up some ice-cold lemonade to beat the heat while you’re at it. Check out our lemonade recipes here.

  • Planting trees, seeds, or saplings

    A great hands-on way introduce kids to nature is planting trees. Teaching them about the germination process is best when you encourage them to plant their own trees and seeds. Choose a patch in your backyard, and let kids dig in the mud and plant seeds of their choice, or saplings if you have them. The experience of seeing the seeds they planted grow to life before their eyes will be memorable for them. Check out our gardening toolkit here – only the best will do for your kids! And what better than EverEarth’s range of kiddie gardening tools?

  • Rock painting

    Encourage your kids to gather rocks from the backyard. This is a great way to let your kids get their hands in the mud. Once they gather the rocks, let them wash the rocks with water. After the dry, painting the rocks with kid-safe paint is a great art project. They can have a spot in the backyard where you can arrange these rocks around a sapling or tree they have planted.

  • Chalkboard fence

    Install a chalkboard on a section of your backyard wall or fence. With a few sticks of colored chalk, let your child’s inner artist come alive! Easy to clean and cover up when done, this is an inexpensive way to keep your child entertained for hours.

What do you do to keep your kids entertained? We’d love to hear all about it!